Alumni Lindsay Hills – Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist

A photo of Lindsay Hills in the forest with a button up, who is an alumni of the Berkeley Herbal Cetner
This month's Alumni Spotlight is shining on Lindsay Hills, an herbalist and holistic nutritionist based out of the San Francisco Bay Area!

Every Month, we have the opportunity to talk to an alumni of the Berkeley Herbal School. We ask them to share their herbal journey with us, and with you.

This month were sharing the story of Lindsay Hills. Lindsay is an herbalist and holistic nutritionist based out the San Francisco Bay Area.

She is a graduate of the Berkeley Herbal Center training program. She uses the knowledge gained from her experience at Berkeley, paired with her collective 15 years of immersive experience in health and wellness, to inform her practice.

To learn more about Lindsay, her work, and how she came to the field of herbalism take a look at her story as she unfolds it for us below.

A Cosmic Path To Herbalism

One night when I was living in Oakland, I walked past a health food store that had a book display in the window featuring Steven Harrod Buhner’s “Healing Lyme and Co-infections”.

I had this feeling the book would change my life, so I bought it and started Buhner’s core protocol. I was amazed by the effect the herbs had on me in a short time. It felt like a whole new undiscovered area.

A few months later I moved across town and then learned that the place I had moved to was just a mile from Berkeley Herbal Center. I enrolled!

I had the sense that the book would change my life in some way, but I had no idea it would catalyze such profound healing and direction in my path.

Finding Community in Plant Medicine

Growing up I felt a lot of isolation and loneliness and I was always seeking something that felt out of reach. I had a deep desire for a type of connection that didn’t seem to be available in my environment.

When I was at Berkeley Herbal Center we worked with the plants in some really incredible and multilayered ways, and this facilitated space for deep connection, which was just the medicine I needed.

The community and the plants really swung the door wide open for me to experience a kind of intimacy and relationship that I was seeking.

Lindsay’s Work as An Herbalist and Holistic Wellness Practitioner

My work comes from a long and, at times, arduous process of discovery that has revealed itself through a continual call to return to myself amidst profound heartache and extensive health challenges.

It has taken shape over time from my personal journey, which has been about learning to listen deeply, to care for and foster intimacy and honesty with my body and spirit, and ultimately cultivating resonance and growth in ways that serve my soul.

How to Work With Lindsay Hills and Her Current Day Offerings

Lindsay Hills offers sessions to honor and support each individual’s unique journey in their own tending, listening and growing in ways that deepen connection within, and to enhance awareness of their unique soul signature and soul purpose.

To work with Lindsay, reach out through her website.

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