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5 Elements of Chinese Medicine in Western Herbalism

The five element (or five phase system) is a foundational component of classic Chinese medicine. It examines the relationship between our bodies and our environment, how our energetic and physical wellbeing can be reflected in the macrocosm and change of the seasons.

This course will take a closer look at the five phase system. By studying each phase with its respective time of year, we will focus on disharmonies that may arise within each elemental shift. Our focus will be on utilizing western herbs through the dynamic lens of the five elements.

The first class of the series will set the foundation. Each class thereafter will focus on the phase that correlates with the season -discussing energetics,  corresponding organ systems, emotional and physical imbalances within each cycle. We will cover a materia medica of Western herbs for each phase, as well as foods and exercises to support each transition. This 6 class series is open to all levels, but it is recommended that students have some western herbal experience. This online course will be a valuable addition to the toolkit of any student or herbal clinician.

20% of all course proceeds will be donated to Stop AAPI Hate- a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating hate and racism against Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.


Class One: April 29th: Introduction to Five Phase Theory, Yin and Yang and the Eight Principles

Class Two: May 20th: WOOD ELEMENT: Spring Liver and Gallbladder Righteousness and Anger

Class Three: June 24th: FIRE ELEMENT: Summer Heart and Small Intestine Desire and Elation

Class Four: August 26th: EARTH ELEMENT: Late Summer Spleen and Stomach Thought and Pensiveness

Class Five: September 23rd: METAL ELEMENT: Autumn Lung and Large Intestine Release and Grief

Class Six: October 21st: WATER ELEMENT: Winter Kidney and Urinary Bladder Will Power and Fear

The dates selected are all Saturdays and class runs from from April until October with no class in July.

Time: 10:00-1:00 pm PST

Location: Online


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