Alumni Series: Anna Marie Beauchemin

Anna Marie Beauchemin in Lavender

This month’s Alumni Spotlight is shining on Anna Marie Beauchemin, a clinical herbalist who went through our program and started her a clinic of her own!

Alumni Series: Marianna Kowalczyk

This month our Alumni Spotlight is shining on Marianna Kowalczyk. She moved to the Bay Area to pursue engineering but stayed as an herbalist!

Alumni Series: Caitlin Covington

Caitlin Covington Berkeley Herbal Center Alumni Flora Stone

This month’s alumni spotlight is on Caitlin Covington, the founder of Flora Stone Apothecary and she works predominately with women and energy medicine.

What Does an Herbalist Do?

Herbal Foundations - the first year of herb school offers medicine making in the forest

Every herbalist has been asked, “What does an herbalist do?” So we decided to share it: what we do and 11 things we look at for your holistic health.

5 Reasons to See an Herbalist

why you should see an herbalist

Have you ever wondered, “why should I see an herbalist when I feel fine?” Our Founder gave us 5 reasons why you should schedule an appointment right now!

Alumni Series: Dana Aronson

This month’s alumni spotlight is Dana Aronson! She’s the CEO of Wild Kin Botanicals and has been serving her community with her clinical herbal knowledge.