Our yearly long-term programs are designed to train and certify students to become Clinical Western Herbalists. They have been created as a cascading series of classes; each one progressing to the next. These long-term courses are offered full-time and part-time to accommodate students’ schedules and needs.

Our program trains Clinical Western Herbalists so that they can go on to start their own private practice, work in a community clinic, create an herbal product line, or embark on herbal education careers. Our coursework is built on experiential learning and offers hands-on, real-time clinical experience through the low-cost community clinic here at the Berkeley Herbal Center. All our long-term classes are taught by our core faculty members.

All students begin with the 10-month Foundations program, then move on to the 10-month Therapeutics program. The span of time needed to complete both programs is 23 months. However, if a student chooses to complete their education in a speedier fashion, they can opt for the Apprenticeship program which combines both Foundations and Therapeutics in a span of 7 months.*

Once a student receives a certificate of completion in Foundations/Therapeutics or Apprenticeship, they will have the opportunity to apply for the clinical internship program.

For more information on our certification programs, please email studentservices@berkeleyherbalcenter.org.

*The Berkeley Herbal Center is a small non-profit clinic and school. At this time, we do not have the capacity to offer financial aid or schedule a payment plan.

To view a full list of our short-term classes, please click here.

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