The Berkeley Herbal Clinic


Our student clinic is open every Monday and on the first Saturday of each month

We offer both in-person and remote appointments via google meet.

If you wish to make an appointment in our clinic, please email

Berkeley Herbal Center has been operating our non-profit student clinic and offering low-cost services to the community for over 10 years.

Our mission is to spread capable herbalists around the world, so in addition to our Herbal Certification Programs, we offer continuing education to our graduates through our student clinic.

You can choose an appointment with our hand-picked first and second year clinicians, along with the faculty members of our school. Regardless of your practitioner, know that our practice is grounded in Western Clinical Herbalism and our herbal consultations take an in-depth view of lifestyle, diet, mental patterns, and the daily activity that can impact systemic patterns of dysfunction. We use herbal medicine for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Because our clinic is run by students, we focus on keeping costs low for you—no one is turned away for lack of funds. However, we do ask that if you can, please make a donation so we can continue to provide these services to our community.

For information on how to make an appointment with first year, second year, and faculty clinicians, click the tabs below.

About Our First Year Herbal Clinic

Our First Year Clinicians are students that have received both of the herbal certifications from our long term program and have been invited by the Berkeley Herbal Center Faculty to continue their education by working directly with community members under supervision of a senior staff member.

Interns work closely with clients for several sessions to attain maximum results in your health and wellbeing.


Mondays, 10:00 am–6:00 pm

First Saturday of the month, 10:00 am–6:00 pm


Initial 1.5 to 2-hour visit: $45.00*

Subsequent 1-hour visit: $30.00

Clients will be paired with one or two students for each visit. The initial visit is 1.5 to 2 hours. Subsequent visits will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

Clients are expected to pay for the appointment and any herbal remedies at the time of their visit. Clients should budget between $45–$100 per month for their herbs.

*Potential clients may speak to management to receive a discount based on special financial circumstances. No person turned away for lack of funds.

Our First Year Clinicians

Laren Leland

Leland’s love affair with plants started during her childhood days of crafting magic potions in her mother’s garden. This deep-rooted passion has been a guiding force throughout her life. She has enjoyed studying many different aspects of gardening, herbalism, and plant magic. Most recently, she became a certified Clinical Herbalist through the Berkeley Herbal Center’s intensive Apprenticeship course.
As an herbalist, Leland’s focus is on an inclusive, heart-centered approach that incorporates her clients’ medical history, nutrition, mental health, spirituality, and connection to nature. She believes in empowering her clients so they can have an active role in their own healing.
Leland is specifically interested in helping with anxiety, depression, migraines, natural ADHD management, stress management, digestive support, sexual well-being, and spiritual wellness. Her deeper research delves into the intricate relationship between childhood and/or sexual trauma and the related mental and physical health challenges. 
As a proud member of both the LGBTQA+ and kink communities, Leland brings body-positive, anti-stigma, and trauma-informed viewpoints to her work. Identifying as a nonbinary femme, she embraces diversity and cherishes the unique identity of each individual she has a chance to work with.
Leland is also an herbal medicine-maker, she’s always working on growing her apothecary and vibrational essence collection. Much of the medicine she makes is sustainably grown or wildcrafted on her farm in Coastal Oregon, which she visits from the San Francisco Bay Area as often as possible.
web site:
instagram: @blossomwoodbotanicals

Willow Drummond

Willow has been working with plants as medicine for the mind, body and spirit since her early teenage years.

She grew up in Colorado, skiing her winters away in the lovely Rocky Mountains and conversely, the summers in the gorgeous landscapes of Virginia. Feeling a profound connection with the land, she began pursuing the sacred knowledge she perceived hidden therein .

In her early years she recognized that she was dealing with a more sensitive constitution and would easily succumb to illness and general difficulties with health. She was determined to find the core essence of her issue, so as to be able to continually pursue skiing and other forms of physical, mental and creative endurance.  During that time she learned how to seek holistic practices for her solution to wellness, where western allopathic medicine had been unable to assist. From that pursuit in action, she was truly amazed at her body’s ability to heal itself through concerted holistic efforts and the use of nature’s abundance of plants. From that point on she was driven to help people find their healing path through personal community practice and working alongside the public for access to herbal medicines.

Willow has an innate passion for helping people find their inner balance through health, well-being, interconnectedness and personal autonomy.

She is now in completion of her advanced formal herbal training and is on path to become a clinical practitioner through The Berkeley Herbal Center and a Registered Herbalist through the American Herbalist Guild.

She is currently available, as a student, for herbal consultation on Mondays at the Berkeley Herbal Center’s Clinic.

Laila Barakat

Laila sees her journey into herbalism as an extension of her spirituality and quest for understanding the world and the people around her. 

Prior to embarking on the clinical herbalism path with BHC, she has been blessed with the long-term opportunity to have studied Western Herbalism through the TCM and Ayurvedic lens with integrative herbalist Candis Cantin. She has also taken TCM courses at Pacific Rim College and the California School of Herbal Studies and is currently pursuing a wellness educator certification at the WellGrounded Life Institute. 

No stranger to the non-linear path to optimal health and wellness, Laila is committed to empowering others on their healing journeys and believes holistic, integrative healthcare is a human right and is on a mission to ensure it is accessible to all.

She founded blackseed wellness collective (coming soon) as a continuum of her mission to help others “cultivate their wellbeing and awaken their inner healer”. 

As part of her holistic, comprehensive care she may incorporate nutrition, dietary therapy, lifestyle, breathwork, joyful movement, mind-body practices, energy healing, bodywork, and other supportive healing modalities.    

Her areas of interest include digestion, emotional health, immunity building, anxiety + stress management, disordered eating, blood sugar imbalances, hormone health, reproductive wellness, pain management, allergies, panic attacks, skin health, post-surgical healing and children’s health.  

When she’s not sneaking nettle into her family’s meals, she may be found journaling by the beach or hiking in the Sierra Nevada.  

Nadia Perez

Nadia is a queer and trans herbalist living in occupied Ohlone territory in so-called Oakland, CA. Their herbal practice centers around fostering community autonomy and care, while understanding both people and plants as community members. They are excited and humbled to have the opportunity to receive mentorship at the center while providing herbal support to anyone who needs it. 

Claire Crocker

Claire is an herbalist and gardener who loves to dance and write songs. She feels at home amongst the lupines and poppies of her northern California childhood. 


Throughout her life, Claire has found herself returning to plants for solace, finding deep comfort in their rhythms. She’s enchanted by the way in which they mirror the fluxes in our own lives, our joys echoed in their sweet summer scents and our grief held by their quiet, naked winters, all the while growing steadily, tenaciously. 


She regards the age-old relationship between plants and people with reverence: seeds, leaves, and person, exchanging breath and tending to each other across centuries. She believes this rich history of reciprocity makes for a gentle irreplaceable nurturing. Whether in the form of herbal extracts, nourishing broths, or time spent with hands in the soil, Claire sees herbs as ever-present reminders of the body’s innate ability to heal. 


Claire’s formal herbal education brought together biology and physiology alongside the ancient alchemy of plant medicine. She finds the synergy between the two worlds to be especially valuable when addressing emotional and mental wellbeing and looks to both in her clinical approach. 

Before completing BHC’s apprenticeship program, Claire spent time as a birth assistant to a midwife in Maine, where she grew interested in thoughtful methods of attending to the physical and emotional body. She has nurtured a long-time interest in womb and hormonal health, including fertility and menstrual support. She also has special interests in nervous system regulation, anxiety, and skin conditions. She meets people of all identities and backgrounds with sincerity, curiosity and warmth. To book an herbal consultation with Claire please email

Theo Piccone

Theo is a trans herbalist based in the Bay Area. His interest in herbalism took root while farming on the east coast where he worked on vegetable farms, a farmstead creamery, a mushroom farm and a botanical garden. It was through farming that Theo was further exposed to the magical world of herbalism and he began wildcrafting, medicine-making, and self-study in his free time. His interest in herbalism transformed into a passion after coming out as trans and exploring the ways different herbs can be supportive during the transitioning process. 


As his herbalism practice expands, Theo remains deeply interested in the ways herbs can support bodily autonomy and expand our sense of agency. He is also dedicated to incorporating herbs into harm reduction practices, especially regarding addiction and substance use. With clients, Theo is eager to explore how herbs can not only heal but empower; fostering resilience while strengthening our connection with the natural world.

Caitlin Redpath

Caitlin was born in Berkeley, California, and raised all over the northern part of the state. Despite having run away to Pennsylvania to be a farmer, she is pretty sure her heart will always feel most at home in the Bay Area/Ohlone Land. She became enchanted with herbs in adolescence but began to understand their true capacity for healing in her 20s, after feeling unheard and abandoned by western medicine and the US healthcare system.

Caitlin is particularly passionate about supporting clients who have had similar experiences of feeling left to find their own answers in their search for health and wellness; those impacted by generational trauma and C-PTSD; people who are going through – or emerging from – difficult times, dark nights of the soul, or challenging transitions; and individuals who desire to live more aligned lives. She is also passionate about food as medicine. Caitlin’s goal is to create a supportive, compassionate space where people can feel seen & heard exactly as they are, without judgment, and feel empowered to make shifts that feel practical and possible to integrate increased wellness, vitality, and joy into their daily lives.

A Virgo sun and Pisces moon, said by some to be the axis of the healer, Caitlin strives to embody this polarity by honoring both the physical medicine of the chemical constituents in addition to the emotional and spiritual teachings the plants have to offer us – grounding the intuitive in the tangible. She believes that the body often speaks to us in physical symptoms to try to convey messages of mental, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease and that working with herbs can help us untangle these symptoms in order to get to the root cause.

Carla Fierros

Carla is passionate about holistic health practices that provide encouragement to go beyond the treatment of symptoms to uncover the underlying root causes of imbalance specific to each person.
Carla’s journey with plant medicine blossomed in early childhood as she grew up experiencing her mom and aunts often using herbs and other traditional somatic techniques they learned from their grandmother in Mexico. Many years later, dealing with adrenal fatigue from a demanding career, her path to re-discovering herbalism came when she picked up a book at an herb shop which talked all about how underneath these densely populated cities there is soil that is alive and dynamic, and that this along with the medicinal plants growing all around are constantly interacting with people. This book served as a reminder and a gentle call back to connect on a more conscious level with the natural world. Carla found herself hungry for more knowledge and eventually decided to dedicated herself full time to herbal studies.
Carla’s goal is to help support her clients health with a holistic approach. She believes that turning to the plants for medicine, along with uncovering the full range of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental influences of one’s health can help the body’s powerful ability to heal itself.

About Our Second Year Herbal Clinic

Our second year clinicians are clinical herbalists who have received both extensive training in our certification program and one year of clinical experience at the Berkeley Herbal Center. They operate primarily independently but are still supervised by the Berkeley Herbal Center Faculty.


By appointment.


Initial 2-hour consultation: $90.00

Subsequent 1-hour visits: $60.00

Tinctures are $15.00 per ounce, oils are $8.00 per ounce, and dried herb teas are $6.00 per ounce

Our Second Year Clinicians


Karadi’s devotion to plant medicine began while farming in the Sierra foothills at Mountain Bounty Farm in 2008. Over the arc of the season, the beauty of the vegetables, native plants and weeds garnered her devotion.
She continued farming in Richmond, CA supporting her fellow farmer to grow vegetables for Bay Area Rescue Mission. Concerned by the prevalence of poverty, she was moved to serve as a Community Health Worker at Berkeley Free Clinic starting in 2016. In this role she has trained dozens of volunteers on basic medical techniques. She has instructed on the function of the immune system, Lab test interpretation, and various basic acute medical assessments and treatments. She has staffed conventional medicine clinics as a Medical Assistant. These experiences reinforces her confidence in holistic medicine to better address root causes. In this time she has advised numerous clients regarding both acute and chronic concerns.
She assisted Botanist Diana Benner of Watershed Nursery in collection of native plant seeds for revegetation projects across the Bay Area. She continues to grow native medicinals. She prepares extracts from organic material and wild gathering in a conscientious manner. She supports the work of the Cultural Conservancy based in SF which protects indigenous cultural practices and tribal land stewardship.
To schedule a session, please email or

Kate Falcone

Kate is a clinical herbalist, artist, and reiki practitioner.
Her love for plants blossomed as a child in her mother’s garden, where she was first introduced to some of her early flower friends like bleeding hearts and lambs ears. Many years later, during a period of grief, she was slowly and gently pulled back towards the plants for support and protection. Nettle tea and rosemary baths were some of the first plant rituals she used to heal her emotional body. Moved by their magical generosity and powerful ability to heal, she spent the subsequent years exploring using herbs for acute ailments and deepening her knowledge on natural health before enrolling in Berkeley Herbal Center’s Herbal Apprenticeship program and Clinic Year 1.
Kate’s work with herbs is rooted in the belief that our bodies are inseparable from the Earth. The Earth is beautiful, and when we work with herbal medicine, we also work with the medicine of beauty, pleasure, and aliveness. She sees these elements as inherent aspects of true healing and looks to educate and empower her clients to foster a deeper sense of knowing within their bodies, and with the plants they will become intimately acquainted with. Kate welcomes all beings with compassion and warmth and looks forward to sharing herbal medicine from a place of collaboration and reciprocity.
Some specific areas of interest include digestive support, hormone health, preconception support, recurrent infections, mood and grief.
To book an appointment with Kate, please email her at: or

Catharine Fairchild

Cat is an herbalist, Reiki practitioner and plant lover.

Cat’s journey with herbalism began as a child with the influence of her naturopathic doctor. Herbs were often the first line of defense when sickness or ailments would arise, and she saw first-hand their magical healing capabilities. In hopes of helping, teaching and empowering others to take control of their health, Cat enrolled in a plant spirit medicine apprenticeship in Topanga Canyon, California with Marysia Miernowska of the Gaia School of Healing and more recently the School of the Sacred Wild. She went on to study at the California School of Herbal Studies in Forestville, California, take classes through the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism under the instruction of Paul Bergner, and pursue a clinical approach at the Berkeley Herbal Center.

Cat is passionate about providing holistic and comprehensive care with the use of herbs and by focusing on diet, lifestyle, spiritual healing and emotional wellness. Some of her interests include gastrointestinal wellness, stress and anxiety management, ADHD, and women’s reproductive and hormonal health.

To schedule a session, please email

Mercy Tyne

Hello! I’m Mercy, a clinical herbalist dedicated to empowering clients in their
healing journeys through herbalism.

Health is an opportunity for us to live a more connected, energized, expansive
life, full of wonder, passion, and creativity. My aim is to empower clients to learn
how to support their own mental, physical, and emotional wellness, so they can
experience life without the limits of disease. Herbalism is the synergy between
people and nature, the art of connecting people back to nature, and back to self.
It is a holistic practice, meaning it understands the interconnectedness between
mental, physical, and emotional balance, holding within it the medicine of the
tangible and the magical.

I started on the herbal path in high school while exploring ways to heal from
cycles of frustrating health conditions. Herbalism empowered me to understand
my body on a deep level, to approach my health with curiosity, and get to know
plants and practices that brought me into balance so I could like an active,
engaged life.

Every client is treated as an individual, and my holistic approach includes
individualized care plans that incorporate personalized, constitution-balancing
meal plans, specially formulated tinctures, teas, infused honeys, customized
workout plans, daily ritual practices, and more.

I have experience working with hormone balance, gut health, sleep, immune
support, arthritis, anxiety, energy, athletic performance, and fatigue, with an
emphasis on the importance of creativity, beauty, and ritual in creating a lifestyle
of expansive, holistic, health. I’m especially interested in working with the
creative nature of sensuality, and how plants and ritual can assist that process. I
work with a combination of Western Herbalism, Ayurvedic principles,
movement, nutrition, ritual, and mindfulness practices to support your health

About Our Faculty Herbal Clinic

Our faculty clinic provides expert holistic support in the transformation of disease through the use of plant medicine.

Each of our faculty members are certified Western clinical herbal practitioners and have years of one-on-one clinical experience. Our practitioners are committed to creating collaborative goals of optimal health with each client, and move beyond disease symptoms into optimal vitality.

We believe each person has a unique pattern of stress, physiological response and presentation of disease. Using pulse, tongue, and comprehensive constitutional diagnosis, your practitioner will craft an individualized plant medicine formula tailored to your specific needs.


Our faculty consultants are available by appointment 7 days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.


Initial consultation: $150.00

Subsequent visits: $90.00

Tinctures are $15.00 per ounce, oils are $8.00 per ounce, and dried herb teas are $6.00 per ounce.

Berkeley Herbal Center's Faculty Clinicians

Ashley Campos RH (AHG)

Ashley Campos with Flowers

“I fell in love with the vibrancy and greenery of the Bay Area when I moved from Southern California to pursue my studies in rhetoric and philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley. I began sprouting interest for plants at a very young age, gardening and camping with my father when he proclaimed that I “had a green thumb.” In my late adolescent and early adult years, faced with the intense stress of college and poor dietary and health choices, I found myself very far away from the simple and joyful days of gardening with my father.

Faced with a personal healing crisis, and many family members failing health, I desperately sought answers and solutions. In a magical twist of fate my roommate had been attending the student clinic at the Berkeley Herbal Center and recommended I get an appointment. Amazed at how effective my treatment was, a spark of passion ignited in my heart, and thus began my journey in the pursuit of becoming a clinical herbalistThe rest of the journey has been a beautiful whirlwind of education, connecting with myself, and deep soul level transformation. I am humbled to have been shown this path and to get to meet, exchange, and heal with so many amazing plants and people.”

Ashley Campos is a certified clinical western herbalist and holistic health practitioner re-wilding, healing, and connecting herself with land and people through the magnificent lens of herbs. Pulling from her most difficult and triumphant life experiences, Ashley provides holistic, gentle, and comprehensive care for her clients. Ashley works with both acute and chronic conditions focusing on diet & lifestyle as well as spiritual & emotional wellness. Some of her specific interests include blood sugar regulation, PCOS, GI balance, and anxiety & depression. She also teaches classes on Western herbalism, medicine, making, and the magic & folklore of plants.

You can contact Ashley directly at

Jules Benefico

Herbalist Jules Benefico

Jules Benefico (she/her) is a Clinical Western Herbalist with a passion to help others uncover the mysteries of their soul and heal naturally. Jules focuses on shadow work, pleasure, and solidarity as tools to aid her herbal work. She believes that herbalism is an important form of activism and an accessible earth based healthcare system that digs deep to get to the root of ailments and not cover up symptoms. She states “Herbalism is like a mycelial network that brings people in communion with nature and can be a tool to rise up in action consciously and productively.”

Jules has been studying herbal medicine for 9 years and offers consultations, workshops, medicine, and supports herbal clinics in times of crises like California wildfires. She runs a business called Boss Witch Botanicals where she shares courses and mentorship programs to support herbalists and healers blossom their businesses & focus on their personal healing journey. Jules studies alchemy, astrology, and herbalism and integrates these magickal practices into her life, consultations, and workshops.

In her private practice Jules works with an array of people to support their vibrant wellness. Her specialties include hormonal regulation, chronic GI issues, vulva wellness, skin complaints, and mental health. A session with Jules includes a trauma informed approach to getting to the root of health physically as well as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She holds space gently and without judgment to support her clients healing path.

To book with Jules you can email her at or reach out through her website. To follow Jules’ current offerings follow her on instagram @bosswitchbotanicals and check out her podcast The Herbal Astrology Podcast.

Veronica Ricksen RH(AHG)

Veronica is a clinical Western herbalist and educator, graduating from Berkeley Herbal Center’s 4-year clinical herbalism program.

Her special interests lie in helping others resolve skin issues and female reproductive concerns and to share about methods of hormone-free birth control. She is passionate about body literacy, bodily sovereignty, and informed consent.

Through her work as an herbalist, she aims to dismantle the cultural taboos surrounding the menstrual cycle and fertility and loves to support women in understanding and trusting their bodies.

Veronica is currently enrolled in a 2-year program to become a certified Fertility Awareness and Sexual Health Educator. She’s working to combine clinical herbalism and fertility awareness practices to support women from menstruation to menopause.

Veronica lives in the East Bay of CA with her husband, son, and two kitties. She loves hiking around the local hills and creating herbal skin care concoctions in her kitchen. Her favorite herb is Chamomile and her favorite food is soup! Any and all kinds of soup.

Veronica’s catalyst to becoming an herbalist was serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Paraguay. It began with her host mom teaching about the medicinal plants in the yard, and piqued when Veronica befriended a 90+ year old man who taught her how he stayed so healthy– boiled toad bones (like bone broth) and herbs!

You can learn more about Veronica and her offerings at or contact her directly at

Rose-Ellyn Birdsong Stuart

Rose’s journey into herbalism began the same way a lot of those that are called to the healing arts do: through personal experience. Her own struggles with injury and illness took her on a deeply transformative path of healing, supported by plant spirit work and herbal medicine. She knows first-hand the profound shifts that can take hold when we trust the wisdom of nature and hold sacred the magic and mystery of our plant kin. She draws from all chapters of her life to inform her work as a healer, whether it be her childhood in the rainy forests of Pacific Northwest or as a singer and chef in Barcelona where she often ventured solo out of the city to be closer to nature. She works from a holistic approach, focusing on diet and lifestyle as well as spiritual and emotional well being. She collaborates with her clients to create the container where deep and restorative shifts can take place. Some of her specific interests include female reproductive health, anxiety and depression, and grief.

In addition to graduating from Berkeley Herbal Center’s Apprenticeship and 1st year Clinical Internship programs, she has also studied herbalism at East West School of Planetary Herbology and tongue and pulse diagnosis with Will Morris, PhD, DAOM, and LAc. In 2021, she completed the Plant Spirit Talk mentorship with Francisca Santibanez. She has worked closely for several years with the Sonoma County Herb Exchange, which supports her connection to an ever-expanding community of healers and deepens her knowledge of tending, cultivating and harvesting medicinal plants.

You can contact Rose directly at 

Camille-Lillian Williams-Dunn

Camille-Lillian is a California native with a deep love for people, and the Golden State. Her career background is in hospitality, where she’s had the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world and from all walks of life. Her experience in restaurants, hotels, and theme parks has deepened her desire to connect with the community on a level that is uncommon in the world today. Herbalism has given her a pathway to those deeper connections. She believes in the motto “All for one and one for all” which serves as her personal reminder to be present for those in need while allowing space for herself to be supported by others as well.

Throughout her herbal training, she has welcomed a growing sense of responsibility to close the gaps between individuals and their own health by encouraging healing on all levels of the human experience. As an herbal practitioner, she wishes to empower people with the knowledge and tools to live their best lives. She is especially interested in bringing herbal wellness to those who feel that their health needs are not being adequately served in their communities.

She is delighted to be of service and to help you along your path to wellness, wherever you may be on that journey.

“There is no hurry, we shall get there someday.” — A.A. Milne, The House at Pooh Corner.

You can contact Camille-Lillian directly at camille@berkeleyherbalcenter.or

Devalina Waring

Devalina has always had a passion for plants & ancient ways. She is originally from Canada and is currently residing on a small scale farm on Ohlone & Amah Mutsun territory, also known as the Santa Cruz Mountains. 

After facing her own health crisis, dealing with parasites, erratic cycles and severe digestive issues, she found TCM and herbalism and slowly found her path back to wellness.

She has a background in being a whole-foods chef & nutritionist as well as a bodyworker & craniosacral therapist. She has studied Herbalism at Pacific Rim, School of Evolutionary Herbalism, The Berkley Herbal Center & David Winston’s Clinical 2 year program. She currently works for a private TCM clinic and runs the herbal pharmacy and sees clients through her personal site

Deva is an advocate of sovereign health and feels passionate about getting her clients there. She is passionate about rewilding and weaving ritual into her practice. Her special interests are women’s health (cycle tracking & syncing), digestion & anxiety.

Christine Holland Cummings

Christine Holland, herbalist and Berkeley Herbal Center alumni

As an herbalist, Christine starts with the continual practice of connecting with and learning from the plants themselves. She also has a keen interest in understanding both the scientific side of herbal research and the powerful healing traditions of Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and other herbal lineages.  She believes that if we are open to them, the plants always come forward with healing for our bodies, minds, spirits and hearts.

Christine’s journey began as a little girl when the plants started calling to her. She felt their pull throughout her life, but only really felt free enough to start letting them guide her when she had reached “a certain age.” Finally following her heart, she began to study in earnest with some wonderful teachers in the East Bay Area and eventually found her way to the Berkeley Herbal Center. She’s been blessed to learn from the wise teachers and practitioners there, and to become part of BHC’s community of healers. She’s also traveled to Peru to work with human and plant teachers, experiences that have had a profound impact on her own healing journey.

You can contact Christine directly at

Laura Sarapochillo

Laura’s lifelong journey with medicinal herbs and holistic healing systems began over a decade ago. Her work with clients focuses on unraveling personal fate and opening to multiple levels of freedom – physically, emotionally and psycho-spiritually.

Laura weaves together individual treatment strategies from her Western Herbalism, Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Visceral Manipulation and Neoclassical Pulse Assessment training. Treatment sessions include verbal health intakes accompanied by palpation of pulse, appropriate external therapies that may include moxibustion or visceral manipulation, and specially formulated herbal tinctures and teas – aiming to provide the body and psyche with the energy needed to rebalance, heal and blossom.

Blessed with two young daughters and a loving husband, Laura’s current hobbies include rediscovering the world and its many little wonders, cooking, laundry and changing nappies. Her hibernating interests are growing herbs, traveling, reading novels, self-defense & firearms training, quiet walks and dream yoga.

You can contact Laura directly at

Tina Simeon

As a Mexican-American, Tina’s cultural roots in the use of medicinal plants run deep. she grew up with the smell of Yerba Buena steeping in the kitchen, and other medicinal plants in the garden like comfrey, corn silk, and horsetail (cola de caballo).

Tina was born and raised in Oakland, California, and recognized a need for social support in the Latino Community. She worked for many years as a bilingual social worker and clinic administrator at a community health center in the Fruitvale district of Oakland. After retiring in 2010 she returned to her herbal roots and began studying herbal medicine in earnest.

Questions about our Herbal Clinic? Send us an email at

Though we don’t turn anyone away for lack of funds, the clinic is expensive to run. The center is not funded by governmental grants so we depend on the generosity of our community to keep the clinic in existence.

Donations to the herbal clinic go entirely to keeping the facility up and running. Any donations beyond our minimum fee are always welcome and go a long way in keeping these services available to the community.

Please consider making a contribution.