Online Herbalist Certification Program

The Village Herbalist​

This online herbalism course is designed for the serious herbal scholar wanting to be mentored in clinical herbalism.

In this interactive online program you will acquire the skills to help bring traditional herbal healing to your community.

At the end of Year 1, you will receive a certification of completion for the first year in your herbal studies. By the end of year 2, you will be Certified in Western Herbalism.

Students can expect to complete the course if they have submitted homework on time, completed tests and attended 80% or more of the live classes. Students should expect to spend 2 hours of study for every hour of class.

This is a 2 year online program, each year consists of 10 months of instruction. 


2024 Applications Are Open!

Step 2

Once you have applied our Academic director will reach out to schedule an interview. Deposits for the program are due upon acceptance & reserve your spot in the program.

Year One

Village Herbalist Year One Dates

Monday & Tuesday Evenings

October 7th, 2024 until July 16th, 2025


Mondays 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm PST
Tuesdays 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm PST


Online Via Zoom

Village Herbalist Year One Price

Application Fee:                                          $50

Deposit (Due upon acceptance): $1,100

Tuition (Due before 1st day of class): $2,925

TOTAL COST: $4,075


The course will explore the body systems and herbal actions. 

We will spend time working individually with plants and report back to the group about them. 

All students will receive a package with the Herb of the Week that we’ll be utilizing during the program.

Each week we will work with the different Herb of the Week plants, have a lecture and learn medicine making.

Homework will involve researching, writing monographs and making medicines.

The Village Herbalist students will have the opportunity to join an optional, but highly recommended, in person Herb Camp Intensive Training. 

Village Herbalist Year One Covers the Following Topics Extensively

  • Creating a materia medica
  • Herbal preparation and formulation
  • Herbal energetics, aromatherapy and flower essences
  • Herbal first aid and home health care
  • Natural cosmetics and skin care
  • Organ systems and physiology


Aside from an in­-depth investigation into human physiology to understand the complex interactions among reproductive, endocrine, nervous, skin, muscular, skeletal and digestive systems, students are responsible for completing more than 80 herbal monographs, detailed plant reports, about the herbs that they will encounter throughout the program and in the wild. 

Each Monday students will receive a lecture on a body system, followed by a plant medicine slide show. Tuesday evening will focus on medicine making and plant meditation.

Our coursework is taught by the Berkeley Herbal Center Staff and is built on experiential learning and knowledge handed down over the course of human healing history.

Medicinal Plant Field Studies

Enrich your online learning experience with our new in-person perk! This allows Village Herbalist students to join our in-person activities like herb walks, in depth trainings and weekend field trips! This option is perfect for Village Herbalist students who are within driving distance to the Center and would like to meet and connect with the BHC community in-person and get the field training to forage and wild craft herbal medicine!

Together with your Village Herbalist I weekly classes, this package qualifies you to transfer into our in-person Therapeutics Program.

Year Two

The Village Herbalist II program builds on the knowledge learned in year I.  Students deepen their thinking into becoming holistic herbalists.  It begins with a review and an understanding of Michael Moore’s constitutional system and progresses into advanced therapeutic strategies in assessing an individual and creating treatment plans. This program prepares you to enter VH3 which is a clinical internship where students have the opportunity to meet with clients and support them with their health while getting guidance and advanced mentorship.

Village Herbalist Year Two Dates

Wednesday Evenings

October 4th, 2022 until July 19th, 2023


6:00 pm to 9:00 pm PST


Online Via Zoom

Village Herbalist Year Two Price

Deposit (Due with application): $1,100

Tuition ( Due before 1st day of class): $2,925

TOTAL COST: $4,025

Deposit (Due with application): $1,100

Tuition ( Due before 1st day of class): $2,733

TOTAL COST: $3,833


We’re now accepting transfer students who have completed a minimum of 150 hours of prior herbal training plus a minimum of 80 completed herbal monographs.

*BHC staff may ask for proof of prior education in the review process.


We revisit each body system through the lens of a clinical herbalist, studying how each system is interconnected with the endocrine system. Instructors utilize cases from their private practice and students are required to create their own herbal protocols for these cases. Then students present and receive feedback to gain clarity on formulation, contraindications, dietary considerations and more.

Students will begin to utilize their herbal knowledge and monographs from the first year’s training program, along with their developing understanding body systems, lifestyle choices, nutrition and unique medicine making techniques. 

Village Herbalist Year Two Covers the Following Topics Extensively

  • Advanced herbal preparation
  • Botanical field study, botany, and identification
  • Clinical case studies
  • Constitutional theory and therapy
  • Creating a business, marketing and legalities
  • Herbal medicine formulation
  • Nutrition and dietary considerations
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • Pathology and herbal research
  • Record-keeping and case histories

Interested in the Village Herbalist Program?

Apply to  Year 1 above!

To inquire about transferring into the Year 2 of the Village Herbalist Program, contact:


We continue with Herb of the week, focusing on Adaptogens with specific indication for use.  We will spend time deepening our skills at diagnosis, looking at the tongue, working with the pulse, learning about the three treasures and exploring imbalances in elements.

Each student will do a research project to graduate from the program.  Students choose a particular topic of interest and research the physiology of the dysfunction, and explore all the different ways to help someone with the condition.

In-Person Therapeutic Intensives

Join the 2nd Year herb walks, field trips, hands-on trainings and therapeutic intensives.

Enrich your online learning experience and meet and connect with both the plants and with the BHC community in-person!

Selecting this option will provide you the number of hours of instruction for the year needed toward AHG certification. 

Together with your Village Herbalist II weekly classes, this package qualifies you to apply to our Clinical Internship Year.

Questions and Information

For more information on our certification programs, please email

*This class is not available for payment plans or work trade. Unused deposits cannot be used for short-term programs, courses, or workshops. There are no exceptions.

*This class is meant to be attended live, each week. Students are not supplied with a class recording or the teacher’s slides if they are unable to attend. 

Program Refund Policies

There is $50 non-refundable application fee 

Then you will be prompted to schedule an interview with our student services coordinator 

After the interview, you will be notified of your acceptance into the program and a deposit is due upon acceptance to hold your spot in the program. Program registration will be considered complete when the $1,100 deposit is received.

Tuition including deposit is fully refundable through the first week of class. Tuition less deposit is refundable through the second week of class. No further refunds given after the second week of class.

Transfer policy: Unused non-refundable deposits can not be transferred to short-term programs, courses, or workshops.

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