Village Herbalist 1: Medicinal Plant Field Studies

Based on requests from a number of applicants to the Village Herbalist program, we’re now offering the option to pay an additional fee to attend all of the herb walks and camping trips with the Foundations students. Selecting this option will count toward the yearly number of instruction hours needed toward AHG certification. 

We know driving to the Center on a weeknight can feel like a bit too much if you live outside the local East Bay area, but it’s much easier on weekend days – and these walks and field trips will enrich your learning experience and give you the chance to meet and connect with both the plants and with the BHC community in-person!

2022-2023 Schedule:

  • Nov 6: Herb Walk 
  • Jan 8: Medicinal Mushroom Workshop at BHC
  • Feb 5: Herb Walk
  • Mar 5: Herb  Walk
  • Mar 31-Apr 2: Plant Spirit Retreat, Santa Cruz Mountains
  • May 7: Herb Walk
  • Jun 4: Herb Walk
  • June 15-18: Lakes Basin Camping Trip


Together with your Village Herbalist I weekly classes, this package qualifies you to continue your education with the in-person Therapeutics Program.