5 Reasons to See an Herbalist

why you should see an herbalist
Have you ever wondered, "why should I see an herbalist when I feel fine?" Our Founder gave us 5 reasons why you should schedule an appointment right now!

These days a visit to your healthcare provider usually means you’re already sick. You’re forced to stop your day-to-day life for a few days, sometimes even a few weeks, you have to go to a series of unpleasant appointments, and you’re prescribed a symptom-focused chemical solution that unbalances your body.

Herbalists don’t operate that way. Any herbal practitioner will tell you that checking in with your body on a regular basis will help you stave off most illnesses. And seeing a herbalist every couple of months will help you find an overall balance in your life and your health.

Our Founder, Pam Fischer, offers five reasons for you to schedule an appointment, right now.

5 Reasons to See an Herbalist

1 – Prevention is Easy and Less Costly than Illness

Taking care of the stomach ache is easier than caring for a stomach ulcer.

It’s too often that people go through life dealing with little pains here and there, ignoring small symptoms of what could turn into something serious.

With simple lifestyle and diet changes, preventing serious issues isn’t difficult, plus taking care of simple issues can drastically improve your quality of life! An herbalist will see what you have going on and help you get a handle on it before it turns into a disease that is going to be costly and time consuming to deal with.

2 – Trace Imbalances to Root Out Disease

Disease can always be traced to imbalances in one of three things:

1 – body
2 – spirit
3 – mind

All of these parts of ourselves need to be in harmony to allow for positive health and wellness.

When you’re already ill and you go to the doctor, they very often treat the symptoms of the problem – but the disease will persist until the cause is determined and solved.

Herbalists talk with YOU. They get to know you and your life so that you can take the right steps towards finding the balance in your body, mind, and spirit. Even if you’re already dealing with regular doctor visits and time consuming treatments, your herbalist will help you figure out the cause of the issue and eradicate it.

3 – Get a Holistic Picture of Your Health

When you decide to see an herbalist for the first time, be prepared to set aside a couple of hours to talk about yourself in a safe space. Herbalists look at all aspects of the self, your nutrition, and your lifestyle to strengthen the parts of you that hold weakness.

This work is holistic, not symptom focused. While they’ll get a good understanding of your symptoms, don’t expect to understand all the questions that your herbalist asks you. They are trying to know YOU so that they can truly help you find the path towards healing yourself.

4 – See an Herbalist to Define Areas of Weakness and Make a Plan

No one can take a completely objective view of themselves – we all have blindspots when it comes to our health and wellness (yep, even herbalists see an herbalist). Scheduling a visit with an herbalist will help you identify your blindspots and weaknesses to create a treatment plan before a problem gets bigger, badder, and meaner.

This might be even a problem that you don’t see yet! It’s your herbal practitioner’s job to see a potential weakness and help you create a lifestyle and nutrition plan to strengthen and heal yourself before a problem arises (see reason number one).

5 – Herbalists are Committed

Herbalists are healers first. They’re committed to their clients and their needs – they’re not in it for the ego or the money. They want to have a hand in creating communities of people who love their lives, are healthy, feel empowered and have functioning communities of support.

Herbalists are not fragile and they tell it like it is. They know that it is the only way to truly help their clients heal themselves, so seeing an herbalist means you’re ready to face your reality and truly lead a healthy life – physically and emotionally.


Are you going to see your herbalist?

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