Alumni Series: Sara Buscho and Earth Tu Face

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Each month we catch up with an alumni of the Berkeley Herbal Center. This month’s article is a spotlight on Sarah Buscho, the founder of Earth Tu Face!

Each month we catch up with an alumni of the Berkeley Herbal Center certification programs.

This month’s article is a spotlight on Sarah Buscho! She went through our program in 2007. Even though Sarah attended BHC more then 10 years ago, she set aside time from her busy entrepreneur life to tell us about what she has going on now.

She’s the founder of Earth Tu Face with deep roots in herbal medicine!

A Little About Sarah

I grew up running barefoot and wild in a California garden, weeding vegetables, climbing trees and making things from the plant world. The smells of the ripe berries, flowers, and leaves left a lasting impression. I’ve always drawn inspiration from the circular nature of ecosystems and the healing powers of botanicals.

I feel passionately about the natural world and sustainable business so in 2007, when I found Berkeley Herbal Center’s herbalism program, I knew it was a key step on my path to a deeper connection to nature.

Sarah and the Berkeley Herbal School

My favorite ingredients to work with are made from flowers, leaves, dirt, rinds, seeds and fruits.

The more I learned the more I realized the study was endless. There is a lot of material and yet in terms of learning from nature I think we have only barely touched the surface. Learning about plant medicine at BHC was deeply invigorating and the material still feels like home.

Then Sarah Started Earth Tu Face

I had always made skincare because of my own sensitivities and the limitations in the market but studying at Berkeley Herbal Center improved my formulations. The creation process took on more depth and complexity. My passion for sustainable business also grew. Recently I became a natural perfumer and believe that the art of education is a beautiful lifelong pursuit.

Did you always want to be a business owner?

I did not always want to be a business owner. Actually, I never considered it. It was a happy accident. Now I see that I am built like an entrepreneur, but it wasn’t something that I ever saw coming. I thought I was going to be a health practitioner.

Tell us a bit more about your business.

Earth Tu Face is an all-natural skincare line blended with the highest quality, food-grade ingredients. Working with essential oils, herbs and raw expressed oils, every extract is hand-selected to be good for our bodies while also good for the earth.

We look at the life cycle of every product from how healthy ingredient populations are, how raw materials are handled to their efficacy on skin and also importantly, how they go back to the earth. We also recently expanded to formulate and small-batch manufacture botanical goodness for other brands and designers!

How can people follow your brand?

Follow us @earthtuface on Instagram, Earth Tu Face on Facebook or check out our website


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