Flower Essence 101: The History, the Uses, and a How to

The history of the flower essence, essence FAQ, plus how to make a mother and daughter flower essence for your herbal medicine cabinet.

In the high summer we are surrounded by flowers.

The perfect beauty evolved to catch our attention and offer us a vibrational healing energy that our bodies can adhere to.

In the high summer, it is our time to learn how to hold this growth, this flourishing, healing energy. So that in the dead of winter we can remind ourselves that the planet will return beauty to our eyes.

For this, we use flower essences.

The History of the Flower Essence

The flower essences that we refer to today were developed in the early 20th century by Dr. Edward Bach. He was a physician that didn’t feel satisfied with the treatment modalities he was taught – he wanted to find simpler ways to heal people.

Bach spent a lot of time in English meadows thinking and walking about. He would sip dew off of the leaves and flower petals of his plant friends – and one day he realized that his mood and body changed with the addition of these dew drops.

They were just water – but they are steeped in the essence of the plant itself – and thus Edward Bach became the father of the flower essence.

Flower Essence FAQ

What is a Flower Essence?

A flower essence is a vibrational essence of the energy held within a flower at full bloom. They are typically used in emotional healing and soul-energy work in tandem with other forms of natural therapies. 

How Does a Flower Essence Work?

It is difficult to pin down exactly how a flower essence works, the best way it has been explained for our students came from long term Medicine Making teacher here at the school, Tony.

Tony described flower essences as energetic models for our body to emulate. We heal from flower essences because they offer our bodies, minds, and spirits the knowledge of what to become aligned with.

Since our bodies want to heal, and our minds want to move past traumas, it’s most often that we just don’t have a model for how to do it, Flower Essences provide that foundation for us to heal from.

Why shouldn’t I touch the flower while I make the essence?

When we make flower essences, we want them to be as pure as possible. That means not adding your own energy to the essence as well.

If your body touches the flower or your shadow grazes the bowl during the process, you are adding your own complex energies to the mother essence. It is no longer considered a simple flower essence.

Dive into the ceremony of the essence if you decide to make this kind of plant medicine. When you make your essence and you need to dip the flower, use two sticks to touch it and try your best not to let your shadow touch the bowl before the essence is complete.

What is a Daughter Essence?

A daughter essence is made from the mother essence – and it is this essence that an herbalist will use to make formulas from.

To make a daughter essence, you need 7-12 drops of your mother essence in one ounce of preserved mineral water.

From there, 7-12 drops of your daughter essence will drop into a daily formula.

Great Reference Guides for Flower Essences

These two incredible flower essence resources helped to write this article and help to give an overview of what you can use your flower essences for:

Flower Power by Anne McIntyre

The Complete Book of Flower Essences by Rhonda Pallasdowney

How to Make a Mother Flower Essence

Making your own flower essence is a way to deepen your relationship with the plants around you by getting to know the energies they are holding in their environments.

Here’s what you need to bring with you:

A clear bowl – crystal is ideal but glass is acceptable.

7oz fresh, filtered water

2oz 80 proof brandy

8oz amber glass bottle

Here’s what to do:

Find the flower(s) that you would like to use for your essence – and be sure to ask the permission of the earth around you.

If you are offered the essence, place your bowl next to your flower and pour your water into the bowl.

Try not to touch the flower with your hands or your shadow, and dip your flower into your water.

Create an energetic container with rocks, twigs, and other found objects in the vicinity.

Allow your flower to steep for 2-24 hours in the water.

When it is time, break your energetic container.

Thank the flower, and remove it from the bowl.

Pour some of your essence into the ground as an offering.

6oz of your essence and 2oz of brandy (to preserve) go into your 8oz bottle.


  • Choose the time of day that suits the flower the most – for some it’s in the midday sun, and sometimes it’s a night under the full moon. 
  • Some flowers may need to be weighted by a stick into the bowl – try not to touch it with your hands when you dip it.

Have you ever made a flower essence? Tell us about it in the comments!

Image is from Marc St on flickr

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