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We Offer Three Western Herbalism Certification Programs

8 Month Fast Track Herbalism Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship Is For You If…

Apprenticeship Program FAQs

What is the Apprentice Program Schedule?

10:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

 March through October

What is the Workload Like?

Apprenticeship Program students work on homework Monday and Friday, attend classes Tuesday through Thursday.

Program Note

With this advanced coursework, we have found that even part-time work during this intensive program may be challenging to balance.

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2 Year In-Person
Certification Program

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The In-Person Program Is For You If…

In Person Program FAQs

What is the In-Person Program Schedule?

Both years, Foundations & Therapeutics, each have a class one day per week

6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

September through June

What is the Workload Like?

The Foundations & Therapeutics program is perfect for folks who plan to work full time while attending the program.

A substantial number of class hours are spent hands on in nature, with extended trips to local environments such as the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean.

Program Note

Year one, Foundations, dedicated to learning about the body, plants, their applications, and medicine making.

Year two, Therapeutics, is designed to teach you the skills to work with clients.

You can jump from the first year into the second half of the apprenticeship program.

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2 Year Online
Herbalism Certification

The Online Program Is For You If…

Online Program FAQs

What is the Village Herbalist Schedule?

Village Herbalist classes are held two days per week for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time.

October through July

What is the Workload Like?

The Village Herbalist Program is fantastic for people who are working full time and need a flexible schedule.

You have homework and live recorded lectures each week.

Program Note

Year one of the Village Herbalist Program is dedicated to learning about the body, plants, their applications, and medicine making.

Year two is designed to teach you the skills to work with clients.

You can enter the clinical internship after this program if you also attend our field studies.

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Clinical Internship

 The clinical internship program is for students that have completed any of the 3 paths of our Clinical Herbalist Training Program listed above.

NOTE: Village Herbalist Students can move into our Clinic Program if they have completed the required Field Studies programs.

In year one of the Clinical Internship, students use what they have learned as they work with clients in our community clinic.

The second year of clinical internship is through invitation rather than application. It is reserved for students who have completed the first year internship and who want continued support as they create a private practice of their own.

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How to Move Through the BHC Certification Program

Berkeley Herbal Center Program Structure

What About Joining the American Herbalists Guild?

The American Herbalists Guild (AHG) is the non-profit organization that promotes professionalism and standardization in the education for the study and practice of therapeutic herbalism.

Many of our students continue to study and create a private practice after our clinical programs in order to become members of the AHG.

Our certification programs, together with the clinical internships, are instrumental in helping our students complete the necessary requirements for joining the AHG.

Berkeley Herbal Center Student Experiences

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Statement of Inclusion

All people, regardless of cultural, political, religious, and other affiliations, are welcome at Berkeley Herbal Center, as clients, students, and employees. 

We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, nationality, socio-economic background, age, physical ability, neurodiversity, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran status, or any other class protected by law. We aim to foster an inclusive environment for everyone in our community through open communication, willingness to learn from and address our mistakes, and mutual respect. 

Decisions regarding admission to our herbal training programs are based on our assessment of (1) the applicant’s potential for success based on their past experience and their demonstrated commitment to deepening their knowledge and understanding of Western Herbalism; and (2) the alignment of the applicant’s interests with the mission, vision, and values of Berkeley Herbal Center. For questions about our classes, please contact