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Five reasons why you should take an online herbal certification course with us

Our applications are now open for our year-long online herbal program – the Village Herbalist. After over 20-years of in-person only programs, we added online herbal school courses last year to accommodate folks at their distance learning preference. We also wanted to account for the many students across the country interested in becoming burgeoning herbalists in their communities.

We are quickly approaching the second year of this program, and it’s quickly becoming one of our most popular! If you’ve been interested in taking your herbal education to the next level with BHC, but your location has been a barrier, we hope you’ll consider joining us for this unique opportunity.

We’ve compiled our top five reasons for why taking an online herbal course has its own set of advantages, making it the perfect fit for the right student!

Why Take an Online Herbal Certification Course

1. You Can Learn From Any Location

Though we’ve chosen to make the Bay Area our home for the BHC headquarters, we know that living in the Bay Area poses its own set of challenges. Between traffic, housing costs, and population density, living in the Bay Area is not for everyone.

One advantage of our online program? You no longer have to be a Bay Area resident to receive top-quality herbal education from trained clinical herbalists, all practicing in their field. You can take our Village Herbalist course from anywhere in the country that you may want to live!

2. Kitchen Medicine Making

One of the great perks of the Village Herbalist course is the opportunity to connect to your own home kitchen in a whole new way.

By bringing the art of herbal medicine making into your home you get to intertwine your medicine making skills with the space you’re already comfortable in, carrying you gracefully into your medicine making years once school has completed.

3. Work With The Herbs Of Your Choice

When we partake in medicine making at the center, we give students a set list of supplies. When you’re making herbal medicine out of your home kitchen lab, you have the freedom to be guided in medicine making using whichever herbs you choose.

This control over your ingredients allows you to make medicine that will be specifically useful to you and your community, the whole time you are in school, for current use and beyond.

4. New Connections

One of the greatest strengths you can have in any professional field is a network of colleagues to connect and collaborate with. In our online program, you will get the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other herbalists all over the country.

The far-reaching professional relationships you will make in this program will serve you for many years as you make your way on your herbal path.

5. Online Herbal School Is Cost Effective

A huge advantage to our online program is the reduced cost compared to our in-person programs. We know making the financial commitment for herbal school can be a challenge, and we are happy to now offer an option at a reduced rate, without sacrificing the quality of education.

Our online programs may not include the field immersion trips like our in-person offerings. However, they still offer the same high-quality herbal education and information, equipping students with the skills needed to embark on new and successful herbal careers.

Want to know more about the Village Herbalist Program and how you can apply now?

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