Advanced Herbal Medicine Making Techniques with Terri Jensen

In this two-day Advanced Herbal Medicine Making class we will learn the effective and fast extraction method known as the Percolation Method to create a very potent and finished tincture in 24-48 hours. Each student will have the opportunity to prepare a Percolation extract and take home the completed tincture as well as the needed Percolation tools.
We will also examine a variety of plant constituents, their solubility, proper extraction methods for each constituent, why we want to extract them, and then ways to determine if they have been extracted into our medicines to be sure of our potency.
We will also discuss double extraction techniques for enhanced potency and demonstrate solvent exchange for improved compliance.
This is a two day class and attendance to both days is required.
This class is appropriate for the advanced and intermediate student.

Advanced Herbal Medicine Making with Terri Jensen

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, Oct 8th and 9th 2022

Class Time: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM PDT

Location: Berkeley Herbal Center Campus


Terri Jensen is a beloved teacher with over 40 years of herbal medicine making experience.  Her experience ranges from setting up herbal pharmacies in doctor’s offices to running a full herbal product business. Terri humbly walks her talk and has influenced four generations of herbal medicine makers.  She is a great elder in this craft.   She has been a founder and organizer for the Northern California Herbal symposium.

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