Fertility and Your Menstrual Cycle

Join Veronica Ricksen, herbalist, fertility awareness advocate, and creator of The Menstrual Calendar Journal, for this one-day intensive class for anyone interested in understanding the physiology, beauty and power of female fertility. Attendees will learn about the hormonal rhythms of the menstrual cycle and how they impact females on physical, mental, and emotional levels.  You’ll learn about the physical signs used to chart fertility and study specific herbs and herbal actions that can be used to positively impact the menstrual cycle and female reproductive system. Class attendees will receive a 50% discount towards the purchase of Veronica’s Menstrual Calendar Journal, a functional work of art that teaches you how to  track your cycle and be in touch with your fertility.

Location: Berkeley Campus

Date: Sunday, May 22nd

Time: 10:00 AM-2:00 PM PDT


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Teacher: Veronica Ricksen

Veronica Ricksen, BHC Faculty and Fertility Awareness and Sexual Health Educator 

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