Herbal First Aid – With Dana Aronson


Learn Herbal First Aid with Dana Aronson

While we can strive to always lead a healthy lifestyle, illness and injury will strike.

After this class, you will feel empowered to help in non-life threatening situations using plants. Whether it arises in ourselves, our families, or in our community, you’ll know exactly what to do.

You’ll get to know common first aid plants, including what you can accomplish with some of your kitchen spices. You will also get familiar with specific herbal actions useful for working with typical first aid ailments. You’ll even learn a few herbal preparations, applications, and recipes!

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About Your Herbal First Aid Teacher

Your class is taught by Dana Aronson, CEO of Wildkin Botanicals and the co-founder of a mobile herbal first aid clinic! She also started a wound care clinic on the streets of West Oakland with another Bay Area herbalist.

If there is anyone who you want to teach you about using herbs in the field, it’s Dana Aronson.