Medicine Making Mentorship with Terri Jensen

Join us for five fun Saturdays once a month and we will have a great time working with the plants making potent herbal medicines.
We will learn how to take herbs from the farm, field, or marketplace and properly extract them into strong effective medicines.
Using a mixture of lecture, demonstration, hands-on experiences and monthly homework assignments we will learn, explore, and perfect our medicine making knowledge, techniques, and skills.
We will explore both the physical and spiritual aspects of working with medicine plants, including how to properly approach and think through what we are doing and the importance of being in the right relation with the plants, and why it matters.
Dates: Saturdays, February 12, March 12, April 16, May 14, and June 11, 2022
Class Time: 10:00 AM-4:00 PM PDT
Location: Berkeley Herbal Center Campus


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This class is appropriate for the beginning and intermediate student.
We will begin by examining four main solvents: water, alcohol, glycerin, and fixed vegetable oils. We will then explore other solvents, including vinegar, honey, and wine. We will conclude with a few special techniques to round out our expertise.
Each class will build on the knowledge of the class before so attendance to all classes is highly recommended.
Terri Jensen is a beloved teacher with over 40 years of medicine making experience.  Her experience ranges from setting up herbal pharmacies in doctor’s offices to running a full herbal product business. Terri humbly walks her talk and has influenced four generations of herbal medicine makers.  She is a great elder in this craft.   She has been a founder and organizer for the Northern California Herbal symposium.

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