Antoinette Yarrow – Herbalist + Health Coach Specializing in Sexual Trauma and Women’s Health

Alumni Series - Antoinette

Every month, we get to spotlight a past student of the Berkeley Herbal Center Herbal Certifications Courses. This month we caught up with Antoinette Yarrow!

Antoinette Yarrow is an herbalist and health coach based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Antoinette found her way to herbalism through her own healing journey, using plants to help restore her vitality and wellness, during a dark and depleted time.

She went on to use the power of plants to help heal past boundaries, and work through her own sexual trauma.

Today Antoinette draws on her own healing experience to help coach her clients to heal through their own trauma using both plant medicine and Taoist tantra. Here is Antoinette’s full journey to plant medicine!

Antoinette’s Path To Herbalism

Hi there, I am Antoinette Yarrow.

Herbs and plants have been true medicine to me. I went through a dark night of the soul 9 years ago. I was depleted on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Then, I met a man who recommended I take adaptogenic and tonic herbs like Reishi and Schizandra. I did notice a huge difference when taking the herbs. It was as if I was being lifted out of this dark night with these magical plants. This definitely had a huge effect on me.

I moved to Berkeley, CA from Colorado with my husband and wanted to make a career change. I remember the amazing plants that helped heal me so I went to the open house at Berkeley Herbal Center shortly after I moved.

At the open house, I met other herbalists, heard their stories and this made me feel like I was right at home! This allowed me to make the decision to take the foundations course.

The Power of Yarrow in Antoinette’s Healing Journey

Being in herbal medicine school was huge.

I had worked with someone previously to help me heal my sexual trauma, but the predator was still invading my sex life on a mental and physical level.

Then, I met yarrow.

I worked with the plant yarrow for 30 days in a plant dieta. Little did I know what was in store for me. Working with yarrow helped heal me my trauma by setting a strong boundary from the sexual predator and he no longer was invading my sex life. What a gift!

I also met Ocotillo in the desert. She helped me release some residual sexual trauma in my womb as Ocotillo helps release stagnation in the lower half of the body. Plus I learned about herbs for women’s health and libido herbs to help nurture me back to balance, so I can feel joyful, balanced and juicy in my body again.

I really love working with plants on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I feel like plants are multidimensional and they need a voice that includes science, that includes our emotions, that includes their spirit.

Plants are always talking to me now and I feel like an advocate for the plant kingdom.

Supporting Women In Healing Their Trauma

I support women to heal their sexual trauma and take back their life. I work with women’s health issues like anxiety, imbalanced hormones, fertility and libido support. Last, I help women see where they are stuck in life and help them heal past trauma whether it’s heartbreak, sexual trauma, grief and more.

I use herbs and combine it with my training in life coaching, Taoist Tantra and other feminine wisdom traditions. My goal is to support and guide women and some men to feel empowered, balanced and joyful in their bodies, connect with their own inner wisdom so they live a life of power, pleasure and possibility.

Antoinette’s Herbal Go-To’s

I love yarrow and rose.

They are simple herbs that can be found everywhere in the world and I usually have one of these herbs in my client’s formulas.

I love yarrow because she helped me with boundaries. Plus on the physical level helps stop bleeding, is anti-inflammatory, a diuretic, diaphoretic and an emmenagogue to name a few. She is amazing!

I also love rose because she helps a woman open herself up to self-love and is a cardio tonic.

I believe if we all love ourselves the world would be a better place!

How to Contact Antoinette Yarrow

I mostly work with clients via zoom or if you are in Boulder or Denver, Colorado I can see you in person.

You can find me at or follow me on Instagram at @sacredfeminineherbalist

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