Frolicking Feet and Summer-time Foot Care

woman standing barefoot on a stump for an article about foot care in the summertime
Free feet need natural foot care after you find yourself frolicking in a summertime field. Here's the right herbs for your foot bath.

Summertime, summertime – the season when no matter where we live, we’re able to get some much-needed extra time outside, frolicking through the forests.

We’re more likely to be active and to have shoeless feet, especially for those of us who choose to roam free in the fields and forests to soak up those the warm summer months.

While we may love to embrace the earth beneath our feet and wander freely in summer’s glow, this increased time in free-feet having moments can also increase the risks to our feet – bringing on more cuts, scrapes, burns, and fungi!

Our feet are an important part of our body, giving us the foundation upon which many of plant ourselves on earth, while also providing balance, grounding, and stability. While our feet may endure the roughness of the seasons as we roam about it is important to be grateful for them and pay them extra care and attention.

One of our favorite ways to support our feet?

Herbs, of course! While we traditionally think of bathing herbs as being for the bath, many of these herbs can also be used in a simple foot care bath, providing extra comfort and support for our toes and more.

5 Foot-Friendly Herbs and Ingredients for Natural Foot Care

1 – Rosemary for foot care

Both a circulatory stimulant and a warming herb, rosemary is a favorite for soothing sore muscles and bringing an extra touch of warmth to overworked areas of the body.

2 – Lavender to sooth

Soothing and anti-inflammatory, lavender can be a great support for burns, minor cuts, and rashes – all of which can easily be acquired while partaking in a summer frolic.

3 – Olive Oil

Head to your kitchen for this thick, luxurious, and antioxidant-rich oil! Olive oil is a pro soother for dry and chapped skin, including the skin on our feet. Lathering our feet in olive oil is one of our favorite natural foot-care activities when our skin gets a little rough and/or dry.

4 – Foot Care and Cocoa Butter

Have you been playing on the mountain?

For those extra rough footies, consider incorporating an even richer moisturizer into your routine such as cocoa butter! Added bonus, it smells faintly of chocolate and is sure to perk up your mood while sniffing the aromas as you apply.

5 – Play with Plantain

A powerful astringent and vulnerary, plantain is one of our go-to herbs for foot baths when we want to cleanse the surface and/or support irritation of the skin. Perfect after a day in the garden!

Sore Foot Bath Soak Recipe

For sore feet that need a little extra care, try these soothing, relaxing, and healing foot bath featuring the herbs from above!

1-part Lavender
1-part Plantain
1-part Rosemary
3-parts Epsom Salts

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add the above herbs and Epsom salts; cover and let sit 20-30 minutes. Strain and add to a small wash basin, just the right size to fit both your feet. Add additional warm water until you’ve reached the desired fullness, and soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. For an extra dose of comfort, consider rubbing down with olive oil for some added post-foot-bath bliss!

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