Shamanic Healing: The Modern Alchemy of Western Medicine and Indigenous Healing


Is shamanic healing possible, even at the end of life?

In this class, students experience an indigenous healing approach through a guided shamanic healing journey while led by a calming drum beat.

Dr. Steinhorn and Ms. Din share their most compelling stories of the profound healing wisdom that even the youngest patients can offer at the end of life.


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More Details

This class is part of our lecture series; Indigenous Wisdom – What is Healing? Offering cross-cultural perspectives in Health and Well Being.

About your Teachers: Dr. David Steinhorn, MD and Jana Din share their work providing healing support to critically ill patients and their family members at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA.

Their successful, integrative medicine partnership as a Western physician and a shamanic healer, began in 2013. Their collaboration and indigenous approach to healing continues nationwide, and was featured in a nationally broadcast television show, Healing Quest, in a segment titled “Shamans in the ICU.”

For more in-depth information about their healing and teaching collaboration, and to access the guided journeys they developed to alleviate feelings of separation, loss, grief, anxiety, and stress, see their website