Healing with Entheogens: Reintegrating Cannabis into the Herbal Medicine Compendium


Join Sarah Russo for an exploration of how cannabis has not only revolutionized the way we view herbal medicine, but also gives us a potent opportunity to explore our relationship with the botanical kingdom. This class will examine how we can deepen our connection with cannabis and other plants in order to integrate their lessons into our daily lives. Sarah will talk about cannabis as herbal medicine, from an herbalist perspective and explore potential synergies with other botanical allies.

This lecture will go beyond the powerful healing potential of cannabis and discuss her unique wisdom for our current era, how she has evolved with us over time, and the ways that she impacts social justice and invites us to question the culture of capitalism and consumerism. We will also explore how a healthy lifestyle can impact the endocannabinoid system and give us pathways to learn more about our own bodies. And finally, we will look at how cannabis has strongly inspired herbal medicine research, the blind spots in botanical medicine investigation, and the mysteries of the plant that science will never fully elucidate.


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Teacher: Sarah Russo

Sarah Russo is a longtime plant enthusiast, as well as a writer, digital creative, researcher, and herbologist. Her passion for nature has strongly influenced her 13 years of experience in the cannabis and herbal medicine space. Her past work in apothecaries has shaped her outlook on herbology, botanical research, and the arts. She got her degree in environmental studies and social justice from the Evergreen State College. Her perspective centers on herbal education, environmental advocacy, social equity, and expanding consciousness for the benefit of Mother Nature and all her inhabitants. She is the founder of Herbs for the Apocalypse, a graphic novel and passion project aimed at deepening our connection to nature and building resilience.