Spices and Chai – Ashwagandha Chai for Anxiety, Stress and Sleep


As the winter and holiday season envelops us, we can get a bit indulgent. The result is higher stress, lower immunity, and even imbalance in our health.  In this third of our three part chai class series you’ll learn all about spices like ashwagandha, fennel, and cardamom and their medicinal impact. You’ll also learn how to make a delicious chai blend to warm your and help you deal with anxiety, stress and sleep issues throughout the fall and winter.

In India, chai is a staple beverage drunk at events, outings, and gatherings in the home. It contains aromatic, warming spices that enhance the flavor of food and beverages and strengthen the body. There are many ways to take care of our health but it’s always fun when we can create something delicious to share with friends and family!  This spiced beverage is a great addition to the holidays as a warm, cozy, social beverage. And chai makes a great gift for friends and family in this season of giving.

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