The Alumni Series: What It’s About and How You Can Be Featured

Berkeley Herbal Center Alumni Series
We’re excited to announce that we’re starting a blog series dedicated to our herbal school alumni! Here's info about the series plus how you can be featured

We’re excited to announce that we’re starting a blog series dedicated to our herbal school alumni!

In the school, we spend years cultivating space together—in class, on long field trips, in the medicine making hours, and on our regular herb walks. We laugh and cry and share deeply as we help transition you from student to herbalist and medicine maker.

We watch as each class builds deeply felt bonds and graduates together as a unit.

It gives us peace of mind knowing that no matter where you go from here, we always had this time to get to know you.

But We Want to Know More

We loved knowing who you were when you were in school, but we also want to find out where life has taken you after graduation.

Are you a practicing herbalist? Did you start your own herbal company? Maybe you combined your certification with another service you provide, or you’re the local herb witch in your community.

We want to know what good you’ve been up to since you left our ivy covered walls and walked into the world as a certified herbalist.

And we want to share your success with our community!

How Our New Alumni Series Works

To make it easy and accessible, the Alumni Series is all going to happen online! We’re working on bringing our online community in line with the incredible in-person community we’ve been building for years so you’re going to see some changes to our online presence.

The Berkeley Herbal Center Team is busy teaching, making medicine, and seeing clients (some things never change) so we’re partnering with an Alumni-Owned Business to help us run this program consistently.

They’re going to be spearheading this program, so if you see an email from the Dandelion Team in your inbox about us, don’t be alarmed – that’s us wanting to feature you!

The feature can be what you choose. It can be interview style about your time in Herbal School or it can be about what you’re working on now. If you’re creating content for your own business, we can share that too!

Our goal is to cultivate a rich environment of contributions from herbalists around the globe. If we have nothing else in common, we have the love of healing plants—let’s showcase it!

We hope you’ll see some names you recognize. And who knows? Maybe you’ll have a chance to connect with an old friend or check in with a classmate you haven’t seen in years.

More About Who You’ll Hear From

Since you’re going to be communicating with the Dandelion Team, and because our goal here is to connect alumni, we’d like to tell you a little bit about how this Branding Duo found its roots in the Berkeley Herbal Center.

Aubrey, a co-founder of Dandelion Branding, graduated in 2016 from Ohlone Herbal School. She found herself writing and teaching about healing plants much more than using her certification to take on clients as an herbalist.

She was working in a marketing role and realized that her herbal expertise combined with the ability to create effective marketing campaigns gave her an edge that no one else in the industry was using.

After graduating, Aubrey spent two years successfully marketing different small companies selling herbal products. In 2018, she finally decided to go into business for herself.

She and her partner, Courtney, started working on the concept of the “taproot strategy.” This pulled in another lesson she learned during her time at the school: Healing holistically and always getting to the root of the problem.

Together, these ladies are Dandelion Branding. (They even rock the name of one of our favorite healing plants!) They are dedicated to building holistic brand strategies that make marketing simple for people with passion—like us—so look out for emails from them.

Want to be featured for the Alumni Series? Send and email to with the subject line: Alumni Series – [YOURNAME]

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