Alumni Series: Chun-mui Miller

Herbalist Journey: Chun-mui, founder of Remembrance Apothecary

We are blessed to be a part of hundreds of herbal journeys around the world. Every month we take the opportunity to honor that by sharing a former student’s journey to herbalism with you. We call it our alumni series. This month we are hearing from Chun-mui. When a fast-paced career in the fashion industry took […]

Herbal Journey: Christine Holland

Christine Holland, herbalist and Berkeley Herbal Center alumni

This month our herbal spotlight shines on Christine Holland, clinical herbalist, apprentice to plants, and poet. Read on for her herbal journey.

6 Herbs to Aid Detoxifying

Herbs for Detoxifying from Berkeley Herbal Center

Using herbs for detoxifying is a wonderful way to step into the new year. Clearing your body and mind of toxins can help you take powerful steps forward in your healing journey. Before we jump into the best detox herbs, we want to remind you that your body is always detoxing. You do not need […]

Herbal Journey: Aub Wallace

Berkeley Herbal Center Alumni - Aub Wallace, cofounder of Dandelion Branding

This month our herbal spotlight shines on Aub Wallace. Herbalist, marketer, and tea aficionado. Read on for her herbal journey.

14 Jobs Perfect for Herbalists

Potential and current students in our long term programs always ask, “what are the best jobs for herbalists?” and “what career opportunities do we have after we graduate?” To help answer all of your questions about the opportunities for herbalists, we created an e-book. It is dedicated to jump-starting your career as an herbalist. You […]

Find Magical Gifts for Body and Soul at the Winter Holidays Herbal Fair

On December 10, from 11 am to 5 pm, you’re invited to our place, where you’ll find beautiful, hand-crafted herbal products, festive food, warm drinks, and the winter solstice spirit. It’s a great way to find special items to support and uplift your own well being along with gifts for friends, family, teachers and colleagues […]

The Best Herbs for Holiday Herbal Cookies (Plus a Shortbread Recipe)

This year, bring your herbal nature to the holiday party with holiday herb cookies! Using flavorful medicinal herbs in your typical cookies adds a unique flavor to your cookies and it lets you get a little bit more creative with your holiday flavors. It is also a simple way to start thinking about using food […]

The Benefits of Herbal Tea

In this article: learn the benefits of herbal tea, tips for proper brewing, and a very simple recipe to make an herbal tea loaded with benefits.

Herbal Journey: Michelle Grace Steinberg

Michelle Grace Steinberg, M.S.

This month our alumni spotlight shines on Michelle Grace Steinberg who was inspired to become an herbalist to offer reliable healthcare to underserved communities.