How To Pay For Herb School

7 Ways to Pay for Herb School
6 ways that you can pay for your herbal education

How to Generate Funds for Your Herbal Education

One of the first challenges that arises when we’re called to become herbalists is getting yourself set up with the right place to learn the science art of healing with plant allies. Once you’ve found the perfect place to study, applied, and been accepted, the next challenge shows up: how to pay for it!

Because herbalism isn’t legally accredited within the USA, it cannot be funded through the traditional academic system.  People come to herb school from all walks of life. While some have easy access to funds for continued education out of pocket, many of our students have had to get creative when it comes to making this dream a reality.

Good herbalists will learn early on the art of manifesting resources to carry out this work. An important part of the process is learning to trust that the universe is ready to help you walk this path.

Want to learn more about how some of our current students and alum have manifested the funds to pay for school? Read below for a creative list of financial-manifestation tools for conjuring up the resources needed to make an herbal dream happen.

6 Ways to Manifest Money for Herb School

1. Set Your Intention to Pay for Herb School

Money for your program may show up from unexpected places if you practice an open, confident, and trusting attitude. Ask the universe for what you need, give thanks for the support, and believe it will come to you.

We’ve seen money come to people time and time again just by setting the intention, doing the good work to put it into the universe, sharing the intention, and trusting that things will line up as they should!

2. Clearing Blockages and Stories

One of our favorite practices to partake in when we are trying to manifest resources we need is to take a look at ourselves energetically and see what hurdles may be in our way.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I believe I can have what I want?
  • Do I believe I deserve what I want?
  • Am I holding any energetic blockages that are keeping me from my dreams?

Doing some clearing and emotional work can help pave the way for the path you want to see unfold. Working with an energy worker, or taking a class on money-karma and having-ness are all small steps to helping clear this path.

3. Ask Your Community

Think about all your resources, your community, and your skills. Is there anyone who might be willing to help you with a loan? For example, some of our students at Berkeley Herbal Center have asked family or close friends for help paying their tuition – whether it’s a donation, a cosign on a loan, or even starting a kickstarter campaign – to make their dreams happen.

Reach out to your communities and let them know why this dream is important to you, what you plan to do with it, and how they can support you in your new goals.

4. Pull From Prior Savings in Creative Ways

If you’ve worked for a company with a 401K or other savings program, you can take out a loan against those funds and repay it over time.

While these sorts of financial decisions are best made with a financial advisor, if you have cash packed away in little places, there are all sorts of creative ways to make this money live and work for you in your current life intentions.

5. Downsize and Prioritize to Pay for Herb School

The story of stuff – have you heard of it? Many of us accumulate a wealth of material objects over our lifetimes. Although those items may have served a purpose at one point, but do they continue to bring you joy? That old snowboard equipment you’ll never use? A car payment that’s beyond your means?

Many of us have items of value that we hold onto because we don’t know what else to do, but these can also be sold and turned into meaningful resources that can help propel you towards your current goals. To do this, examine your belongings and see if there are any items that can be sold or let go of in order to generate new resources to help you pay for herb school.

6. Set the Vision and Make a Plan with a Side Hustle or Part-Time Job

Sometimes the path to manifesting financial resources is longer than we had hoped, but try to keep in mind that it is all part of the journey to get you to what you want. However, many students in our programs have saved for years before enrolling. How did they do this? Little by little!

Is there a small percentage of your current pay that you can set aside in a separate account and save for your future herbal dreams? Come up with a plan on how much you need to save, and for how long to make this happen. 

For example, could you perhaps pick-up a temporary side job until you save the funds needed to enroll? Maybe you have a skill or hobby that you can turn into a product or service you can offer for a fee? There are lots of creative ways to generate small bits of money on the side that can be saved for an intentional and purposeful goal.

The Bottom Line On How To Pay For Herb School

Herbalism is a calling, and if it’s yours, have faith. It won’t go away and if you stay focused on your goal, you won’t miss your window.

The universe will help you find the resources you need to do this important work – and don’t be afraid to ask your community for help, because you’ll repay their help with the knowledge that you gain through your herbal education. Furthermore, when it comes to finding a way to manifest these important funds that will one day propel you to your dreams, prioritize yourself, clear your energetic blockages, and you will absolutely find your way to the Western Herbalist program that will kick start your career.

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