Connecting with Spirit Guides and Scripted Dreams


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Connecting with Spirit Guides and Scripted Dreams

Spirit guides can script our dreams and also download information for us while we are awake. They serve as a vital “App,” assisting us in fulfilling our destiny and connecting with Self. Being non-local in space and time gives them a perspective more inclusive than our own.

Spiritual practice allows us to cross the veil between worlds during sleep and receive their guidance. These dreams can be life-saving and unraveling them does not require psychological expertise. It helps to understand the differences between instructional, non-instructional dreams and intrusive incursions and the mechanisms in which they occur, as well as how to manage them. There will be time allotted for meditation and dream sharing.


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Your Spirit Guides Connection Teacher: David Cumes M.D.

David Cumes was born in South Africa and is a practicing sangoma (Zulu for shaman) and surgeon who has taught at Stanford Medical Center and now lives in Santa Barbara , California. He is a bridge between ancient African wisdom and Western medicine. His roots are in Africa and his quest is to bring this primal, original knowledge – which will never change – back to the West.