How to Choose the Best Herb School for Your Herbalism Journey

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Choosing the right herbal academy is an important decision for a budding herbalist. Here is what you should look for!

By its nature, herbalism sits in the intersection of healthcare, plant stewardship, emotional wellness, and spiritual connection. That makes choosing the right herbalism academy an important decision for a budding herbalist. This is especially true for folks that are considering a lifelong career in herbal medicine.

Here are a few tips for getting started on choosing the perfect herb school to help you answer the herbalist’s call.

How to Choose the Herbalism Academy for You

When you are on the hunt for the best herbal academy to help you heal yourself or to launch your career, there are a few things to consider.

1 – Place

One of the best ways to narrow your options is to start with your location. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you want to take an online herbal certification course?
  • Do you want to be in a hallowed hall with other herbalists?
  • Are you willing to move for the perfect program?
  • What environment do you want to practice in?

Most herbalism academies offer additional education and experience working with plants native to their area. The environment you want to practice in is likely the most important choice here.

2 – Time and Energy

Herbalists have a high level of integrity and accountability because they are working with real health issues everyday. In that same vein, becoming an herbalist takes dedication and patience. It is important to consider the amount of time and energy you can dedicate to your coursework.

3 – Vibe and Fit

Arguably the most important thing when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your herbal education is the vibe. Every herb school brings a different flavor to the table. You are going to find an energetic scale that spans everything from very clinical to very spiritual. You will also find that some academies are very theoretical while others are designed for clinicians. Still other schools are perfect for medicine makers or future herbal business owners.

Make sure that you consider what you would like to accomplish when you are choosing the best herbalism academy for you.

4 – Herbalism Academy Cost

While the cost of your ideal herb school should be part of your consideration, we do not suggest choosing to attend an in depth certification program based solely on cost. Herbalism is a life-long journey, and you deserve to attend the school that best resonates with you.

There is no rush to jump into a program immediately, the right academy will be there for you when you are ready, and you will find a way to afford herbal school when the time is right.

Why Choose BHC as Your Herbal Academy

The Berkeley Herbal Center is on a mission to build an affordable healthcare system that empowers communities everywhere to heal, nourish, and thrive with Earth-based treatments. We want to grow the volume of healers on our planet by passing ancient, sacred herbal knowledge to as many budding herbalists and plant stewardesses as possible.

To aid us in our mission, we offer class options that meet the needs of every kind of herbal scholar. We have live courses for new and continuing education, an online class library filled with recorded classes from our faculty and guest lecturers, and three in depth herbal certification programs.

Our in-depth certification program programs are the most comprehensive Western herbalist training programs in the United States. BHC is also one of the only herb schools with a focus on both clinical training and expert herbal medicine making. Our certified alumni become sought-after herbalists, product creators, and instructors in the herbal field.

Find the Herbalist Training Program that is Best for You

The BHC Two Year Clinical Herbalist Certification Program

Our Foundations and Therapeutics program is a two year course in herbal medicine.

It offers weekly, in-person classes for folks that live and work in the Bay Area of California.

The first year in the program is focused on how plant allies interact with complex human body systems, while the second year is heavily focused on advanced therapeutic strategies in assessing an individual.

This program is best for people who want extra time flexibility with their educational program. It serves folks that are on a mission to heal themselves and their families or be field responders during climate change events. It is also ideal for a working person that would consider stepping into a clinical environment after the first two years in coursework.

Our Online Herbalism Academy

The Village Herbalist is a completely online course for budding herbalists. Like the two year program, our online herbalism academy is a once a week course. The main difference is your location – you can log in from anywhere in the world!

This also has a two year certification completion timeline, so you can work and travel while you study. This aptly named course is great for people who want to systematically immerse themselves in the study of herbal medicine to become a healer within their community. If you are considering a career in clinical herbalism, we would recommend moving to the Bay Area for (at least) the clinical years of our program.

The Herbal Apprenticeship Program at BHC

Our Herbal Apprenticeship Program is an eight month, fast paced program for the budding herbalist that wants to step full time into an herbal career right away.

Because you are on-site at the Berkeley Herbal Center at least three full days per week, it is imperative to live in the Bay Area for this program. This is an intensive program that is designed to lead directly into the clinical years of our herbalism academy.

Are you excited to step into the right herbalism academy for you? Tell us what you are looking for in the comments below!

If you think one of our programs is a good fit for you, please email:

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